hot chocolate

Here is to the most amazing hot chocolate ever. Personally, I find it just as good as the Maison du Chocolat hot chocolate, or even Angelina’s, without the décor and the snooty french waiters, well, unless your home looks like Angelina’s and you’re a snooty french waiter/waitress. ;)

So, here it goes, this is another valrhona recipe and it’s a bit of a complicated hot chocolate because it involves measuring, weighting and a couple pots.

The recipe is said to be for 6 cups but I feel like it works well for 4.

Here are the ingredients per cup:
- 1 cup of milk (they recommend whole milk, it mostly depends on how thick you like your hot chocolate, my last one was a bit less than a cup of 2% milk finished off with a few tablespoons of cream and that worked out wonderfully).
- 1 small teaspoon of cocoa powder (not sweetened).
- 45 gr of chocolate cup in small chunks. I use 60-65% Valrhona chocolate (manjari or alpaco).

- heat up the milk/cream with the cocoa powder in a pot until it boils — and stop it before it foams up and overflows all over your stovetop — you should stir as you heat up the milk so as to mix in the cocoa powder.
- melt the chocolate in a double boiler. I have a fancy double boiler but as of late I’ve started simply putting an inch of water in a small pot and putting a metal bowl on top. Bring the water to a boil while stirring the chocolate in the metal bowl.


- once the chocolate is melted and the milk has boiled, add some (a third) of the milk into the melted chocolate and mix well until you have a smooth texture. I usually do the mixing in the bowl atop the pot of water (off the stove heat).
- once you have a smooth and shiny texture, add the rest of the milk and mix thoroughly.

The original recipe also suggests that you put the mixture in a blender and blend it. I tried it and it is very nice, it’s a different hot chocolate though, foamier but not as thick so, I recommend you try both with and without blending and decide for yourself which one you prefer. I think it really depends on the mood of the moment. ;-)


here is the valrhona recipe as pdf