Home grown & home made…

This is my first post on our blog and I wanted to start with the fruit(s) of months of effort, patience and attention. As we now have space and a garden, I decided to start growing my own stuff. So, in March, I bought seeds and planted heirloom tomatoes, basil, parsley and chives. I never planted anything before so I went a little over board and planted all the seeds that were in the packs. I didn’t think I would be successful and thought that I would be happy if I have a few plants that actually survive and grow. Well, the chives definitely didn’t make it. I will have to try again. The parsley is pretty good but there are too many leaves in the pot I am using… I guess I should transplant it at some point. But the important part is that we have been able to use it and it is very tasty!

The basil took a while to grow but it is looking great and tastes awesome now. Just as the seeds started to grow into little basil plants I started to take photos, hoping I could create a cool timelap movie. I sat the camera next to the pots and programmed it to take a photo every 5 minutes. We had to deal with the clicking sound of the camera every 5 minutes, day and night, for 7 days in the kitchen (thanks Alex for your patience with my silly projects), but it was worth it and shows so well how life comes to a plant. I love it and the result is below. :)

The basil plant was so big yesterday that I decided to cut the top leaves and makes basil flavored macarons. I made the basic macaron recipe and added fresh basil. They turned out awesome and Alex did a lemon creme with the lemons from our tree to put in the middle. They look great and taste delicious… you can see how they look but will have to stop by if you want to confirm how good they are! :)

Macarons au basilique frais et creme au citronFinally, we need to talk about the tomatoes: so remember, I planted all the seeds… all-of-them… well… I guess I was way more successful that I would have imagined as pretty much each seed took and started to grow into a giant tomato plant. I never put them outside as everybody who has tried to grow tomatoes in San Francisco saw them die because of the cold weather. Instead, I decided to utilize our sun room until we fix it. My tomatoes are just loving the location and growing like crazy (it is probably 90 degrees in there in the afternoon) . It takes a lot of water and patience but they make me so happy when I come back in the evening after work and I discover new flowers and baby tomatoes. We had the nice surprise to find some ripe ones when we came back from Mexico. Imagine that we had not been able to eat anything raw for two weeks and it was awesome to have our home grown tomatoes in a fresh salad for dinner. Don’t they look delicious? The next ones, will be enjoyed with fresh home grown basil and fresh mozzarella :)

Mes premieres tomates