Scallops with a watercress granite, shaved radish and a light drizzle of olive oil.


Mushrooms: black trumpets, chanterelles, buttons, some raw, some cooked, warm figs, a touch of oil, ricotta. Marvelous!


Perfectly cooked Rouget (red snapper?) with cauliflower, cabbage, egg. An amazing fish dish!


Colvert (a type of duck) with braised endives, turnip, red currants, absolutely succulent!


Dark chocolate ganache, toasted hazelnuts, caramel snaps, mango sorbet… perfect finish.

A fabulous meal. Wines: a Chardonnay from the Jura region, very fruity to the nose, very mineral in mouth, followed by a Pinot noir which was light with some fruit, and, with the duck, Arianna Occhipinti’s SP68 from Sicily… I’d say it’s a medium to full bodied red and will refrain from insulting it with more comparison and descriptions, but, you have to try it, it’s delicious!

The team at work (with Bertrand Grébaut in the middle):


If you’re in Paris, you have to go!
Septime, 80 rue de Charonne, Métro Charonne, Paris 11è.