Practice for the Honeymoon – Entrainement pour la Lune de Miel

For the ones who don’t know, we’re planning to spend our honey moon hiking through Corsica. We’re going to attempt what’s apparently one of the toughest hiking trails in Europe: the GR-20.

Before we start that journey we’ve decided to actually practice a bit so we went backpacking to Yosemite. The admittedly very ambitious plan was to stay in the valley on Friday, hike up to cloud’s rest and back down to Little Yosemite Valley (a mile passed Nevada Falls) to camp there on Saturday night and then on Sunday to hike the John Muir Trail and Panorama Trail to Glacier Point to come back through the 4 Miles Trail. An ambitious plan indeed.

Here is Mary, ready to head out on Mist Trail, the trail that leads up to Half Dome.