GR20: day 3 – 3ème étape

Today was a tough one. I say that every day but it just keeps getting harder. We really packed too much and we are feeling it, big time!

We started from Asinao and headed straight up for 2km climbing 600 vertical meters. Luckily we started super early and managed to leave the camp around 6am which meant the sun didn’t have time to cook us in the first climb. The views from the top were incredible, a full 360°!

After that, a long downhill, followed by some mold up and down and then an ascent to the final crest which, after 9 hours of hiking was a major undertaking. I had my first scare of the journey. A moment of panic, for the first time I thought we might not be able to finish this insane trip but, we made it to usciolu where the keeper has a really good stock of food and oh madness: fresh fruits! Quite a luxurious treat on the gr20!

Oh we also ran into our first local wildlife: 1 pig (a large female), a cow and 3 little ones, and then a jet fighter… ;)

Tomorrow ought to be a little more peaceful and we’re even going to push an extra hour and a half past prati (the refuge we’d booked) to make it to a hotel a little further away. A hot shower and a place to charge our electronics would be lovely! ;)