Stage 13: the end!

Today was our last stage… a bittersweet day.

We left a little before 7AM since today, on the Mare e Monti, the hike was supposed to be fairly mellow, but at the same time we feared the high temperatures of midday.

The path left the “Auberge de la forêt” on the road, then after a few minutes on the asphalt we veered off on a small path that zigzagged down towards te river where we saw a few really good spots to dip into the water — but not at 7AM. ;)

We followed the river for a while then we emerged onto a construction site which was quite unexpected but the Mare e Monti at this point, followed a dirt road for a few kilometers until it went back to being a small track. We climbed up to “Bocca a Corsu” and hike back down on the other side until we started seeing our destination, Calenzana, just below. A few minutes later we rejoined the GR20 for the final kilometer of descent. Shortly before the finish we met a little group on a day hike who congratulated us on finishing the GR. It was a little cheesy, a little odd but it was very sweet, it made us both smile. :-)

We were very happy to arrive in Calenzana, we found a cafe where one of our fellow hikers from Germany was sitting, writing and sipping a coffee, and sat there for an hour or two until we it into a taxi to La Villa ***** (that’s how the hotel’s name shows up on all the signs). We checked in to La Villa, with our hiking boots in hand (the boots were the first thing to go when we got to Calenzana) and our backpacks in tow. Did I mention we smelled really bad? We then cleaned up in our junior suite with view in the gulf of Calvi, and headed down to La Terrase for a bite to eat and a celebratory glass of Champagne…

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