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Lemon Cream Tart


Here is the new Lemon Tart recipe I’ve been using… This lemon cream has a much lighter, softer texture than the previous recipe. It’s also a much more repeatable process since it is meant… Read More



Here is a new Nutella recipe set to me by the Laroche family, it’s quite good! 1 cup of roasted and skinned hazelnuts. 12 ounces (340g) of chocolate (valrhona manjari 64% is what… Read More



This Nutella recipe is a work in progress. The first one was good, very dark and intense, the second one is closer to actual Nutella. I don’t have any milk chocolate but I… Read More

pâte sablée aux amandes – almond shortbread dough


This is an absolutely delicious almond shortbread crust for any kind of tart you’re making. Ma recette préférée de pâte sablée, absolument délicieuse!

tarte au citron – lemon tart


The lemon tart : my favorite dessert. It’s one of those staples of french patisseries that I used to seek out every time I went back to France. The main reason for my… Read More

soufflé au chocolat – chocolate soufflé


Tonight I am trying a new recipe, the soufflé au chocolat (chocolate soufflé). The recipe comes from the Valrhona School of Great Chocolate.

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