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GR20 stage 2 – 2ème étape: I left my cairn in Corsica…


I found an awesome rock in the shape of Corsica today and made a cairn! Today was the second stage of the GR20 for us and our first variant. We decided to take… Read More

GR20 day one part 2 – premier jour 2ème partie


We made it to Paliri! End of the first day. What a day, the views were amazing: the mountains, the forests, the rocks and in the background, the coast and the Mediterranean! This… Read More

GR 20 day one – premier jour


This is it! We’re going. The alarm clock rang at 5AM, it’s 6:15, we’ve eaten our defrozen bread, our lukewarm day old coffee, stuffed our packs (not sure how everything fits in there)… Read More

Practice for the Honeymoon – Entrainement pour la Lune de Miel


For the ones who don’t know, we’re planning to spend our honey moon hiking through Corsica. We’re going to attempt what’s apparently one of the toughest hiking trails in Europe: the GR-20. Before… Read More



Scallops with a watercress granite, shaved radish and a light drizzle of olive oil.

Vacation – Part One


It felt like it had been forever since our last vacations and with our crazy work schedules we needed a quick simple relaxation so we decided to go for a shorter trip than… Read More

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